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Ref: XP81002.14WT

Wireless & battery-free organic mouse

Our battery-free wireless mouse is now environmentally-friendly!

- Eco-responsible innovation in the palm of your hand
You already liked it, now you're going to love it!
In 2020, Xoopar starts marketing environmentally friendly mobile accessories, reconciliating in a new greener high-tech philosophy the seemingly antagonism opposing our global concern for a greener planet with less waste and lower carbon footprint and the never ending improvements in electronics. That's why we've reworked the Pokket 2 to offer you an environmentally-friendly version.

- Bio-degradable enclosure
In fact, we replaced 30% of the plastic of the enclosure with wheat and added Biosphere additive to make it biodegradable. Thus, your mouse will decy over 3 to 5 years once buried underground (vs. 450 years for a classic plastic). Be sure to put it in a yellow trash can the day it will no longer work. We have also modified.

- Cork pouch
the packaging so that it is made of cork, with a 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard box.

- 2.4G connection: wireless, fast and efficient.
The Pokket is also a design mouse that you can't do without! With its integrated wheel on the side, enjoy  perfect ergonomics! Place the dongle (the small removable button) in the USB port of your computer and enjoy your new wireless mouse.

- The mouse’s battery life is 25-day long. It can be used while it is charging by wire.
Never worry about running out of power with its built-in rechargeable battery (up to 25 days of battery life). And if you don't have time to wait, you can use the mouse while it's charging !

Size 106x58x17 mm
Weight 50g
Specs RF wireless mouse, nano receiver
Built in rechargeable battery
Buttons Number: Left, Right, Scroll Buttons
Transmission Distance: Up to 7m
Working Way: 2.4G
Transmission Mode: Wireless
Compatibility: Win & Mac
5 available color led