Powerpack Bio White

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Powerpack Bio White

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Ref: XP61085.14WT

The external organic battery that bio-lifes you! - Powerpack 5,000mAh recharges up to 2 times a smartphone. Our greatest angst today is to run out of battery! Xoopar has the solution: a 5,000mAh battery that can recharge your phone up to 2 times, so you won't end up powerless! - Multi-connector USB cable, Type-C in/out, Micro USB & Lightning Thanks to its multi-connector charging cable, you can also charge any device. - Bio-degradable enclosure and cable Xoopar embodies a new greener high-tech philosophy by creating environmentally friendly mobile accessories. This powerpack is available in an environmentally-friendly version. Indeed, the included Mr Bio cable is 100% biodegradable and recyclable thanks to Dupont Tyvek material and the BioSphere additive. You will also find this additive in the enclosure of the battery: thanks to it, the plastic used is biodegradable in 3 to 5 years once buried underground (vs. 450 years for a classic plastic). So be sure to put your Bio Powerpack in a yellow trash can the day it will no longer work. - Reusable eco-friendly zip-lock bag and FSC-certified paper Finally, the Powerpack packaging is reusable and the inner card is FSC-certified (i.e. it comes from a sustainably managed forest).
Size 10x55x65mm
Weight 120g
Specs Connectiques USB,Lightning,Type C & Micro USB
Taille du produit: 10x55x65mm
Poids du produit : 120g
Zone de marquage: 25x25mm / 58x68mm