It all starts with the products

Xoopar's goal is to offer objects:

  • Useful: engaging an almost daily use
  • Elegant: with a design that makes you want to use the product
  • Durable: Choice of quality materials (accessories guaranteed for 2 years)

This objective was defined when the brand received the EcoVadis rating, highlighting the company's positive points, particularly on the social and ethical side, but also indicating its points for improvement.

A roadmap has been set up in 2021 in order to commit Xoopar to a continuous progress approach.

A focus

One of the objectives in our roadmap is to calculate the carbon footprint of our products.

Thus, an analysis of the carbon footprint on the life cycle was carried out in July 2021 by a specialized agency with the help of Veolia on 4 of our products

By having its products analyzed, Xoopar was able to better understand the CO2 impacts of its objects throughout the life cycle, and thus take into account the axes on which to focus during future productions, always with the objective of a progress approach.

Example of our best-selling cable Mr Bio :

Our next challenges

1/ Raw materials and manufacturing

On the diagram above we can see that the raw materials used and the manufacturing process are the 2 main vectors of greenhouse gas emissions.

In the short & medium term Xoopar wishes to work on the eco-design of its products and thus:

  • Use recycled materials as systematically as possible and in optimized proportions
  • Reduce the size of packaging to a minimum
  • Progressively abandon EVA pouches
  • Favouring mono-materials

2/ Transport

Upstream transport represents 1% of the product's carbon footprint.

Since 2020, the company is committed to importing its products by boat, which is 80 times less impacting in terms of CO2 emissions compared to air transport.  

credit :

Transport to distribution represents 9% of the CO2 impact. This is a subject on which we must work. The courses of action are the optimization of packaging, soft transport, etc.

3/ End of life of the product

As for the end of the product's life, the teams work with several eco-organizations to focus on their recyclability and facilitate recycling.

To facilitate the act of sorting, you can bring your used electronic products in a collection point easily located here

A strong raison d'être

All these new gestures have allowed us to think about our raison d'être, which we have defined as follows:

  "Eco-designing useful and design high-tech accessories thought for the comfort of all".  

These products form the link between Xoopar and :

  1.   Its employees: employee commitment
    Waste sorting, no disposable dishes in the office, preference for reusable products, turning off appliances every night, etc.
  2. Its distributors: dialogue and commitment with the resellers around the Xoopar progress approach
  3. Its partners/suppliers are also committed:  
  4. Product marking in France only, local work and promotion of professional integration via an ESAT (located near our warehouses in Normandy) for packaging/unpacking, packaging of our products etc.
  5. The eco-organizations to which Xoopar adheres: optimization of the end-of-life of the product
    Establishment of a privileged relationship with Leko, Eco-system and Screlec in order to understand the challenges of recyclability of our products.

The last word

In its approach, Xoopar's ambition is to do better every day, in co-construction with its stakeholders.

Even if we are aware that we are at the beginning of our process and that there is still a long way to go, it is a real pleasure to work daily on all these subjects, especially with passionate and exciting actors

Target date 2023:

To make eco-designed products from recycled materials and allow for better recyclability of our products

It is by combining our strengths that we will meet the challenges posed!