Xoopar offers an online payment module totally secure thanks to SOGECOMMERCE payment system and PAYPAL. This remote payment solution ensures a high level of safety when a command-line regulation.

All information exchanged to process the payment is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

The banking data can not be detected, intercepted or used by third parties. They are not stored on our computer systems.

You can recognize the secure connection upon payment:

• A ""padlock"" symbol appear:
• The http: // in the address bar of the site will become https: //
• The ""s"" stands for secure.

To transmit your personal and banking data, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts the data at the time of their seizure. When during transfer over the Internet, it is impossible to read them. The payment system Atos is the most popular payment system in the world. It provides the link between the website and the bank, and to verify the validity of credit cards used. This system guarantees a total security of your transaction