The selling prices of products sold on the website include all taxes (VAT) and are guaranteed subject to change in the rate of French VAT (effective rate 20%). Any change in this rate could then be reflected immediately on our selling prices.

A detailed invoice will be sent by email. The indication of the amount of VAT provides an opportunity for professionals to recover. This invoice serving as guarantee, it must be preserved.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and bank transfers. The credit card payments are debited automatically within 48 hours if no request for cancellation was sent to us before.
T.V.A and Taxes

Delivery metropolitan France
Items ordered are subject to French VAT and transportation costs.

Delivery overseas
Any order resulting delivery overseas is exempt from VAT Metropolitan. This exemption concerns the selling prices of products and the provision of transport.
The full service will be invoiced H.T. However, the arrival of the package the buyer will be required to clear their goods by paying the duties and taxes at the entrance of the department or territory.

Deliveries to European Community
Items ordered are subject to French VAT. No tax is payable on receipt, and VAT is not recoverable. If you are a company and you have a VAT number, you will be charged VAT exemption. Please note, VAT numbers Community Inter are checked before each payment and delivery. If the number does not exist, your order will not be taken into account.
Delivery outside European community and the rest of the world
You get a tax refund on our products and transport services. The bill will be established outside French VAT. You will however you pay duties and taxes at the entrance of your country and make sure beforehand that the products ordered are authorized for import into your country. Some countries will pay customs fees and other taxes which will depend on the type and the declared value of the product. We are not responsible for these charges. For more information, please contact the customs office in your country. Note, in the majority of Orders under two products (regardless of the total value), there is an exemption from these fees.
Returns - Products in stock

You are systematically informed within 24 hours (open days) the status of your order. For returns of stock, and within 14 days after receipt, Xoopar Europe guarantees a refund. Customers have a right of withdrawal pursuant to Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code. This is valid for products purchased on the website and under presentation of the invoice. After this period of 14 days, no refund will be given. To be reimbursed, the product must be received in their original packaging and in perfect condition (no scratches, no signs of wear ...). The reimbursement will take place once we have received and verified the product.

Thank you for returning the product packaging, and to facilitate the return, be sure to prevent e-mail our customer service. to receive a return number, all instructions for returning the product to refund or exchange.

The cost of re-shipping the product are your responsibility. transshipment costs (unclaimed package, input error, etc.) amounted to Euro 10 HT (reconditioning & administrative expenses) + shipping costs.

Control Change Rates the (address, product number, etc.) after 24 hours amounts to 15 Euro HT.
If the conditions listed above are not met, Xoopar Europe reserves the right to refuse the return (and if the products are damaged, worn or missing ...).

For sending your products to our customer service, we strongly recommend that we ship by registered (with monitoring). Post, FedEx, UPS, DHL ... offer this service. Thank you to include on / in the parcel address, phone number, the instructions sent by our customer service and a copy of your invoice.

Pursuant to Article L.121-20, the consumer has a period of 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal without any reasons or pay penalties, except, if appropriate fee back. The consumer may waive this deadline in case it could move simultaneously and where he needs to call for an immediate and necessary service to its conditions. In this case it would continue to exercise its right of withdrawal without any reasons or pay penalties.
The period mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall run from the receipt of goods.
Where the information provided for in Article L.121-19 were not given the time of exercising the right of withdrawal is extended to 3 months. However, when the provision of this information comes in 3 months from the receipt of goods or acceptance of the offer it starts the period of 14 days mentioned in the first paragraph.
When the 14-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended to the next business day.

Regarding reimbursement, will be in accordance with Article L.121-20-1:
When the right of withdrawal is exercised, the trader must refund the consumer the total amount paid, as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after the date on which this right was exercised. In addition, the amount due is, of right, bear interest at the legal rate. This repayment is made by any means of payment. On the professional proposal, the consumer who has exercised his right of withdrawal may however opt for another method of reimbursement.

In no event Xoopar Europe can not be held liable for damage caused by its marketed products or accessories. You are solely responsible for any damage to your mobile device.

Xoopar Europe reserves the right to cancel an order after a computer bug, hacking, entry error or other malicious internal or external to the company. Xoopar Europe will be required to notify the customer and cancel the order. If you find an error, thank you for contacting us by email: 'commands <at>'