Business gifts, advertising through objects.

Advertising through objects has been at the heart of Xoopar's brand DNA since the beginning. Business gifts have been evolving over the years with advertisers who are more and more committed to offering useful, durable and elegant products, the three key words of Xoopar! 

Advertising object: a real marketing tool 

Little known by the general public, the advertising object is however a real marketing tool having all its place in a communication strategy! 

Adaptable to any type of domain, structure and target, Xoopar products can be offered for different occasions and present many advantages and possibilities:

Event :

Exhibitions, fairs
any event marking the life of a company
product(s) or service(s) launch
sporting events, public

Goals :

build loyalty and thank you (clients, employees, etc.)
strengthen brand image
benefit from unlimited visibility over time
produce added value


Products available to all advertisers
Customizable in many ways
Interesting perceived value and recall rates 
A media at the service of other media
Marking the mind of the target thanks to the fun and playful side of the products  

Strong perceived value:   

The fundamental objective of advertising by object is to find the product with the highest "advertising mileage". That is to say, an accessory with a long life and good quality, so that the name and/or the message of the brand remain anchored a little more each day in the mind of the target and its entourage.

This is the case for the objects we offer (guaranteed for two years), which are available on a wide distribution network, both in concept stores (Fleux, Merci, ...) and in Telecom (SFR, Orange ...) or Department Store (Printemps BHV ...) and this, throughout the world, is a positive perceived value for the person receiving the gift!

Durable, useful and high-tech: Xoopar is the partner for business gifts 3.0! 

Our ambition: to make your advertising objects indispensable, durable and useful!